Pace & Mind: post season recovery. Now what?

  It’s that time of year where most of us have either finished our goal race or about too. Now what? Before we begin, one note: I bundle both 5km … Continue Reading →


1/2 runner for the winter

Hey everybody…if anyone’s out there? I haven’t posted in a very long time, and like most athletes that neglects their blog, it’s because my training has been going like poop … Continue Reading →

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I’m still alive

I’ve been putting off posting a blog for a while in the hope of having some positive news instead of sounding like a whinny little b*tch over and over again. … Continue Reading →


La belle province

2 weekends ago, I went to Montreal for the Half Marathon Canadian Championships. With how things have been going lately I wasn’t sure if I was going to race or … Continue Reading →


Sun Run recap

Last weekend I raced the Sun Run 10km for the fourth time since 2009. It’s one of my favourite races and always great to be invited every year. Like every … Continue Reading →

Great support for Boston in Queens Park on Tuesday.


Hey everybody! I’ve been pretty lazy about writing these last few weeks. I should be back at it every week or 2 from now on. I first started writing this … Continue Reading →


Win Brooks shoes

Here’s a little game for a chance to win a pair of Brooks shoes of your choice*. Predict my finishing time at the 8km Harry’s Spring Run Off that I’ll … Continue Reading →


racing season, racing season, racing season….

Nothing exiting to report in the last week or 2. I haven’t even been in Addis in the last 3 weeks, I’ve just being staying at Yaya, training, eating and … Continue Reading →


Running Selfishly

Why do we run? I often ask myself this question without ever being able to pin point a specific answer. We might of started running for one reason, losing weight, … Continue Reading →

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Run Ferenji Run

Hi everyone! An other successful week! I’ve been here for 5 weeks now, and I can’t use the excuse that I’m just getting used to the altitude anymore. I can’t … Continue Reading →