5 Simple Home Fitness Exercises Anybody Can Do

5 Simple Home Fitness Exercises Anybody Can Do

While millions want to get into shape and test their cardio resilience, there are many who just don’t know where to begin. At home fitness isn’t difficult but finding an exercise you feel comfortable with or able to do can be a challenge. Everyone is different in terms of their fitness ability and while some will be able to freely jog for an hour, many won’t be able to keep with the pace. The truth is it’s necessary to start with a few basic exercises so that the body can get used to this new form of activity. The following are just five simple exercises anyone can try at home, no matter fitness level.You can also read here.


If you have the ability to walk upstairs, you have the ability to try step-ups. This exercise involves you taking a step on a raised platform such as a stable box or a step-up exercise platform. You can build up your strength in your legs and really help you to become a little more active even if it’s just walking up stairs! The step-up platforms are very cost-effective and if you don’t want to purchase any equipment you don’t have to as long as you have a step at home to use. As you build on your fitness, you can increase your speed and raise the platform higher also.

5 Simple Home Fitness Exercises Anybody Can Do

Jumping Jacks

If you want to give your upper and lower body a thorough workout then you may want to consider jumping jacks. Now, this is a very basic exercise and yet it’s one that gets the heart pumping and the cardio racing! You simply repeat the basic jump and arm moves over and over and you are sure to feel the strain. However, when you start with these, you can try a few reps at first then take a rest before starting them all over again. It’s not too strenuous and gets your blood pumping so it’s going to help burn the fat.

Strengthen Your Upper and Lower Legs With Squats

Squats are again, very basic but very good. You are using a lot of muscles within the leg area, the entire leg in fact and this is going to help give your legs the strength they need. When you begin, things will be very unusual and maybe even a little sore which is why you only do short burst of reps for your workouts. If you wanted to you could do a set of ten reps of squats before taking a minute’s break and then returning to the squats. This is a great way to improve your fitness levels and help stimulate weight loss also.


Core strength is going to get you through an intense workout and as you progress in your quest to become healthy, you need this. One of the top ways to improve your core will have to be through sit-ups. These exercises may put a lot of people off especially if they don’t have a lot of power to pull themselves up but they don’t have to be too scary either. Your cardio can get a real rigorous workout here also which is also worth thinking about. If you wanted to, you could get a machine that helps with sit-ups so that you do only half the work in a sense. There are machines that support the body weight so that you just lend back on the machine and it takes your weight and almost supports you lifting your body back up.


To be honest, push-ups can look very scary especially if you don’t have the upper body strength to push your body weight back up from the floor but there are many forms of push-ups. You don’t have to try the hardest push-up off all with just one arm, or even two arms, you can start off with a very basic form. Place your knees on the floor and with your arms in front of you, move your upper body up and down from the floor. This type of push-up is simple to do no matter your fitness level and you can move onto other forms of push-ups as you’re able to.

Keep Fit At Home

Exercising at home appeals to most. There are many who dislike the notion of exercising front of others, while many just don’t have the money to visit a gym. However, home exercises can be extremely easy to do and very effective. There is no need to start off with anything you aren’t comfortable doing or able to do and while the basic exercises might not seem very rigorous they can really help. Starting at the bottom is the best place because it avoids unnecessary injuries, makes the body stronger and improves cardio.For more details read this article http://www.rejeanchiasson.com/home-fitness-exercise-lose-weight-without-starving/

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