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Hope everyone managed a good last week without your weekly acadian love!

I had to make some big decisions about the next year because of how things are going, and didn’t want to write anything before knowing what was going on. Unfortunately I decided to pull out of the Houston marathon. It was a hard decision to make as I’ve been training for this race, or training for the training, for the last 6 months. Training hasn’t been to a level that I feel comfortable with during the last 8 weeks or so. Going into this build up my fitness was higher than my past 2 marathons, and I had high expectations for this race. But for a reason that were still trying to figure out, I haven’t been very consistent in my workouts. My easy and long run always go very well, but about half of my hard sessions are just not happening…very frustrating when there’s no obvious reason for this to happen.

By making this change I’m also giving up a chance to go to the world championships next year. I could still run a marathon in the spring to qualify, but I would have to start training for it in the next 2 months, and I feel like I need to focus on shorter distances for a while. Don’t worry, this coming year will still be a very exiting year without  the World Champs, this is only a small bump on the long term plan.

To help turn this around I booked a training camp to Ethiopia! I was debating about it, mainly because of financial reasons and being away from my lady for 2 months. But figured that this is the move I need to make to get to the next level and reach my full potential, and if I’m not ready to do this, possibly every year, I might as well quit.

I’ll be leaving January 26th,  come back on March 29th, and staying at the Yaya village. I can’t wait to train along side some of the worlds top runners and learn from them. This will also be my first time training at altitude. I’m actually  a bit nervous about this, but one of the things that all good runners have in common is that they were either born at altitude, or do training stints at altitude.

It’s going to be a nice change to focus specifically on 10k’s-1/2 marathons. For the last while I’ve been entering some 10km-half races, but they were mostly part of training and never a big goal…which always comes with excuses that I could’ve done better if trained specifically for them, so we’ll see.

Once I come back from Africa I’ll do a few of the usual spring road races in Canada, with my next marathon probably being in the fall. I’m hoping to represent my province, N-B, at Les Jeux de la Francophonie, in Nice France. I already have the qualifying time, so as far as I know it’s only about someone putting a check in a box. So hopefully I’m on their good side. This would be my first international experience and would love to win a gold medal with the N-B singlet on.

I still plan on racing the Boxing Day 10 miler. I’m going in without much expectations, my general fitness is good, but I just want to go have fun, enjoy the atmosphere, not look at time/splits and just run.

In my last post I said I’d write about my marathon fuelling…I’m going to push that back a few week since I can’t say I feel like writing about the 42.2km distance. And btw thanks for all the feedback from that last post, it was great to know that some connected with it.

Here’s a few photo’s from a track workout last week…not the best quality.

Thanks for reading.

7 comments on “Change of plans

  1. Sorry to that bro, but you got lots of time and at least you are staying positive and have some exciting things coming up for you. Is Loiselle still planning on running Houston?

  2. p robitaille on said:

    Hope you can keep blogging from Ethiopia. Enjoying how you present the journey. Joyeux Noel! PR

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  4. Margaret Webb on said:

    Looking forward to your impressions of life and running in Ethiopia! Appreciate the time you take to communicate your experiences. m.

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